Core strength and mobility workouts

Core strength and mobility workouts

Your mobility classes focus on bodyweight exercises that are suitable for all abilities.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve joint range of motion – so you can support your other training programs.

Follow along with your trainer in these restorative sessions, relieving muscle tension and improving posture and flexibility.

Watch our ‘Exercise Execution’ videos below, so you can develop an understanding of the practice and stay injury-free.

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Core strength and mobility workouts
  • Program Guide – Mobility

    Learn how to optimise your recovery and fitness. Improve your joint range of motion and strengthen the deep abdominal muscles.

    Navigate through the video to find the information you need:
    00:00 – Introduction
    00:49 – Program overview
    01:50 – The goal
    02:50 – Exercise order and sets
    04:13 – The ...

  • Nutrition Guide

    Learn how to better your relationship with food with these 5 simple tips.

    This invaluable nutrition advice will help you achieve body transformation success.

    Navigate through the video to find the information you need:
    00:00 – Introduction
    00:49 – What are macronutrients?
    01:17 – Role of prote...

  • Mobility – Lower Workout: Glutes, Abs & Legs

    A 45-minute guided session with a focus on the lower body, including a gentle warm-up and cool-down.

    Session breakdown:
    – Lateral breathing set-up
    – Wrist, spine and hip warm-up
    – Plank series for strong shoulders and core
    – 12-minute all-fours glute series
    – Seated abdominal exercises to str...

  • Mobility – Full Body Workout: Core and Pelvic Stability

    Train alongside our expert in this fully instructed 40-minute session. Focusing on core and pelvic stability, learn how to isolate muscle groups and build optimal core strength.

    Session breakdown:
    – Standing warm-up to challenge balance
    – 12-minute continuous abdominal blast
    – Upper-back-focus...

  • Mobility – Core Workout: Session 1

    A 20-minute guided session focusing on building core strength to support your weight training program.

    Session program:
    – Toe tap (single, single, double)
    – Overhead crunch
    – Reverse crunch
    – Oblique twist
    – Crunch pulse (left side)
    – Crunch pulse (middle)
    – Crunch pulse (right side)
    – Windscre...

  • Mobility – Core Workout: Session 2

    A 20-minute circuit-style session to strengthen your abdominal muscles and stabilise your spine.

    Session program:
    – Dead bug (alternating arm and leg)
    – Flutter kick
    – Double leg and arm extension
    – Roll-up
    – Seated single-arm overhead extension (alternating arms)
    – Elevated-feet seated trunk ro...

  • Mobility – Core Workout: Session 3

    A 20-minute core workout to target your abdominal muscles and build strength.

    Session program:
    – Single-leg stretch (alternating legs)
    – Double-leg stretch (alternating legs)
    – V-crunch with bent knees
    – Seated windscreen wiper with leg extension
    – Fixed-leg seated trunk rotation
    – Sit-up wit...

  • Mobility – Core Workout: Plank Challenge

    Put your endurance and core strength to the test working you through a series of planks.

    Session program:
    30 secs – Leg pull with straight arms (first leg)
    30 secs – Leg pull with straight arms (second leg)
    30 secs – Side plank with hip dip (first side)
    30 secs – Thread-the-needle (first side)

  • Mobility – Core Workout: Increase Flexibility

    A 5-minute session that combines core-strengthening exercises with active flexibility movements. Mobilise through your joints and slowly increase flexibility.

    Session program:
    – Straddle crunch with 1/4 rep at top
    – Full range hip circumduction
    – Roll-like-a-ball into wide-legged V-sit
    – St...

  • Mobility – Glute Workout: Side Lying

    A 20-minute, low-intensity workout focusing on isolating your glutes.

    Session program:
    – External rotation clam
    – Side-lying kick
    – Hip abduction
    – Straight-leg hip circle (clockwise)
    – Straight-leg hip circle (anti-clockwise)
    – Internal rotation clam

  • Mobility – Glute Workout: All Fours

    A 20-minute glute-focused workout to help build up strength in the muscles surrounding the hip joint.

    Session program:
    – Fire hydrant
    – Hip extension
    – Rainbow leg lift
    – Donkey kick
    – Bent-knee-at-triceps to straight leg

  • Mobility – Glute Workout: Shoulder Bridge

    A 15-minute workout focusing on the glutes and abdominals to build strength and technique.

    Session program:
    – Glute bridge
    – Single-leg glute bridge
    – Straight-leg hip circle (anti-clockwise)
    – Straight-leg hip circle (clockwise)
    – Toe tap
    – Knee flexion to extension

  • Mobility – Lower Workout: Improve Balance

    A 7-minute workout to improve ankle stability and core strength. Watch as you improve your balance over time.

    Session program:
    – Standing Superman
    – Single-leg forward toe tap
    – Standing hip abduction
    – Single-leg squat with foot crossed over knee
    – Split squat with continuous 1/4 reps at b...

  • Mobility – Lower Workout: Increase Hip Mobility

    A 5-minute session to improve your squat and hip mobility that complements your strength training program.

    Session program:
    – Kneeling to deep squat
    – Frogger
    – Plank to lunge (alternating legs)
    – All fours hip circle
    – Internal rotation karate kick
    – Sit-through
    – Leg swing with oblique twi...

  • Mobility – Upper Workout: Improve Posture

    A 5-minute upper-body workout to strengthen the back, correct your posture and stop you slouching.

    Session program:
    – The dart
    – Cactus lift with arm circle
    – Windscreen wiper
    – Reverse-prayer lift
    – Triceps lift
    – Rope-pull lift

  • Mobility – Exercise Execution: Core Engagement

    Learn to coordinate your abdominal and pelvic floor engagement so you can stabilise your lower back.

  • Mobility – Exercise Execution: Lateral Breathing

    Learn to stabilise your spine by coordinating your breath and core engagement.

  • Mobility – Exercise Execution: Standing Alignment

    Learn how to correct your natural alignment and stand with an ideal posture.

  • Mobility – Exercise Execution: Prone Alignment

    Learn how to open your shoulders and train your posture – perfect for anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle.