5-30 mins guided meditation

5-30 mins guided meditation

Guided meditative practices, to promote calm, peace and balance for your health and well-being.

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5-30 mins guided meditation
  • Meditation – Post-Workout Recovery Ep1

    This focused meditation will help you relax your body post-workout.

    A great way to tap into mindfulness and recover after training.

  • Meditation – Proactive Morning Ep1

    Invite positive energy into your mind and body, and set yourself up for the day.

    All it takes is 5 minutes of focus to help you feel lighter and more productive.

  • Meditation – Reflective Evening Ep1

    A short evening meditation designed to bring awareness to how you feel physically and emotionally.

    Reflect on the day so you can go to bed with peace and clarity.

  • Meditation – Peaceful Sleep Ep1

    Transport yourself to restoration and relaxation with this 40-minute sleep mediation.

    You will embark on a meditative journey to lead you into a deep and natural sleep.

  • Meditation – Stress Release Ep1

    This meditation is the perfect practice whenever you need to bring yourself back to the present moment.

    It is a calming salve for anxious thoughts and periods of stress.

  • Meditation – Mindful Eating Ep1

    This mindful-eating practice can help you become more present at mealtimes and bring awareness to how you eat.

    As you listen and eat, connect with your hunger cues, and promote better digestion.

  • Meditation – Anger Awareness Ep1

    This meditation will help you pay close attention to your breath, an important barometer to help you determine how calm you are – or how calm you are not.

  • Meditation – Introspective Guided Walk Ep1

    Pick a scenic and peaceful route to walk.

    Let this meditative journey help you be more present in your surroundings.